Pucket ur Vapor

was created to enhance your vapor experience. Hand crafted out of the finest exotic woods. These products offer an elegant way to display or

simply hold all your vaporizer needs. With the ability to hold multiple tanks this product allows you to enhance your flavor experience. At the

office, home or in your car the luxury of having your desired kit at your fingertips is our number one goal.


Puckets are a beautiful way to obtain your product while driving. Fitting easily in any cup holder.


Blockets are a graceful way of showing off your apparatus on your desk, nightstand or coffee table.


Instead of losing them in your purse or putting them in your pocket, don’t hide it Pucket.

Allow my product to replace your ashtray with a Blocket and you will no longer live with the offensive smell of a cigarette, when you turn

to a vaporizer let us Pucket ur Vapor.